07.2022 – 09.2022 documenta fifteen in Kassel Ausstellung einer Installation

TITLE: The start of the show 2022 ( Before galaxy )
Time has a different rhythm in the galaxy. The stars are constantly moving
and puzzles us. When we look into the galaxy, we don’t just see
shining stars in different colors, but also our past
and the date of our birth.
Dimensions: height: 300 cm depth: 300 cm width: 300 cm
Material: acrylic on canvas and cardboard
2nd. TITLE: Dure bexud – the vicious circle 2022
For me, the wheel is a symbol of repetition.
Man is caught in two wheels: the wheel of the system and the wheel of the
Eternal turning does not allow us to step out of the vicious circle.
Dimensions: height: 32 cm, diameter: 63 cm
Material: aluminum, iron, geared motor

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